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A BYU romance. A paradigm-shifting classroom moment. A sleep-ruining robot. Each was featured in a story shared in BYU Magazine in a series of comic-strip tales created by BYU alumni.

How We Met: Earl and Opal’s Love Story

Artist Brian Crane shares how Pickles stars Earl and Opal met—and it turns out it was at BYU. Check out their love story here.

A three panel comic: The first shows a young grandson leaning over the couch to talk to his grandma and grandpa. He says, “What are you looking at Gramma and Grampa?” Grandma replies, “Old photos.” The second shows Grandma Opal holding an old photo, she explains, “They were taken when Grampa and I first met at BYU.” The third panel has Grandpa Earl looking to his grandson saying, “I was fresh off my mission and didn’t quite know how to act around girls.”


BYU professor David Habben shared a story from his student days at BYU, when he was inspired to pave his own route to success. Read about the moment that changed his college experience here.

Part 1 of a comic: The first panel has the title, “Reset.” Showing a vague mountain scape. It reads, “Being a transfer student isn’t easy.” The next panel shows abstract lines separating different colors, it reads, “It’s like pushing reset on your life. You pack up everything you’ve built in one arena and take it down a new road, somewhere strange and foreign." The same panel continues, “In 2004, after three attempts, I was admitted to BYU. My plan was to apply to the illustration program and become a professional artist." Panel 3 then shows the legs and feet of the character with a sketch carrying case in hand, looking at a desk with a sketch upon it. Text reads, "I showed up in Provo--portfolio in hand--with hope for the best and a healthy dose of the kind of fear that comes with a new endeavor, no matter how promising it may seem.

Planting Seeds

In their BYU student days, artist Adam Koford and his brother enjoyed tricking fellow students on their way to class. Robobutlers and balloons were involved. Click here to read about their shenanigans.

(Section 1 of 4) A comic titled "Planting Seeds" by Adam Koford. First planel shows the silhouette of two men walking into the Tanner Building underneath Y Mountain at BYU; text reads, "Twenty Years ago, my brother and I would often walk through the Tanner Building together on our way to classes on campus." Second panel shows the same two men with a lightbulb above their heads; text reads, "We devised a game to pass the time. Step one was to come up with a ridiculous claim."