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Photo Finish

FA09_3613 photo finish

In the chaos of bustling Cairo, Egypt, Tara D. Fullmer (’11) and Rachel M. Asplund (’13) competed with five other teams to snap photographs in the final round of Microsoft’s International Imagine Cup, a student technology competition. More than 300,000 students entered the competition’s 10 categories. Fullmer and Asplund were the only Americans invited to Egypt for the photography finals, making it past two preliminary rounds with creative photos like this interpretation of Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow. “We wanted to use an abstract piece of art and bring it to life,” says Fullmer, a technology engineering education major. She and Asplund, a graphic design major, recreated seven famous works of art, adding a twist to each to convey one of the United Nations’ 2010 development goals—in this case, the promotion of literacy. Though the pair did not place in the finals, just making it to Cairo was a success, says their BYU mentor, technology engineering education assistant professor Geoffrey A. Wright (BS ’01).