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Cougar Stadium Gets the Big Picture

Cougar StadiumWhen the college football season began in Provo with the Pigskin Classic on Aug. 24, the 55,000-plus fans who came to Cougar Stadium were treated to more than a satisfying 41–37 victory over the Texas A&M Aggies. They were also witness to the premiere of Utah Valley’s largest entertainment center.

Two new scoreboards, paid for by corporate sponsors, top off the north and south bleachers, bringing with them a two-story-tall TV and a set of speakers that can be heard over the rowdiest BYU crowds.

The south scoreboard is 43 feet high, 62 feet wide, eight feet deep and weighs 140,000 pounds. It also boasts the 23-by-32-foot Mitsubishi Diamond Vision Video Display, which shows live action shots and instant replays during the game.

The north scoreboard is the smaller of the two–a foot shorter and 10,000 pounds lighter–but it boasts a sound system that can blast more than 100 decibels through speaker panels 18 feet by 18 feet in size. The north board also shows animations, statistics, messages, and scores of other games.