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115 BYU students were asked about their favorite summer read.

Fa06_2550Dan Brown had a six-to-one victory over the Bard, but Dr. Seuss and Dostoevsky tied. So said 115 BYU students when asked an open-ended question about their favorite summer read. These results, while neither statistically significant nor sound, reveal a few fun glimpses into student life.

Fa06_2551Top three authors
Dan Brown
C. S. Lewis
J. K. Rowling

Top three books
Book of Mormon
The Da Vinci Code
Harry Potter series

Most recent books
What Would the Founders Do?,
Richard Brookhiser, 2006
Appreciative Intelligence,
Tojo Thatchenkery, Carol Metzker, 2006

Oldest book
The Republic, Plato, 390 BC

Book genre breakdown
A. Fiction
B. Nonfiction
C. Religious
D. Young Adult/Children’s
E. Textbook

For a list of good literature (plus art, music, theater, and films), check out the Honors Program’s Great Works List at