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How Many Donors Does It Take To Open A Door?

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To open the door of opportunity? To shape a student’s life? To spread light and truth? To change the world?

Well, it depends on the door. When that door is at BYU, and through it every year walk thousands of graduates—mentored by professors, supported by scholarships, armed with a faith-based education, and prepared to make a difference in the world—opening the door requires the combined force of thousands. From alumni to students to employees to friends of the university, the ranks of BYU donors contribute gifts large and small, all of which work together to help change the world—one student at a time.

61,620 total donors in 2011 • $65.4 million

44,672 alumni, 13,672 friends, 3,276 students

66% of BYU graduates have donated at least once in their lifetime

75% of BYU employees donate to the university

$17.7 million of 2011 donations bolster existing endowments that provide scholarships and support faculty excellence

$24.7 million of 2011 donations sustain scholarships, internships, and mentored-student learning.

$21.6 million of 2011 donations support other projects that accelerate the mission of BYU

15,237 students received BYU scholarships in 2010-11 (funding from donations and other sources)

54 million U.S. households receive BYUtv, broadcast from a new 100,000-square-foot building, funded by donors

32,980 students • 8,125 degrees granted at BYU in 2010-11

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