Fall 2012 Issue



Ending the Uncivil War

Three speakers argue for a renewal of the public square, where all can be part of a political debate.


The Countess of Covent Garden

A young BYU grad is propelled to the top of the opera world where she faces doubts and a performance for a prince.


Technology and the Soul

A media scholar shares hopeful words on the intersection of things digital and divine.


Alexander’s Box

The Harold B. Lee Library has made a home for the creative world of a Newbery-winning fantasy author.


First Person

Called to Serve

Missions spice up BYU life for those who serve and those who observe.

At the Y

At the Y

Back in Uniform

He played trumpet for the Marines. Now he plays for the Cougars.

BYU Today

Alumni News

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

Tidings of Great Joy

Brian Kershisnik talks about his inspiration for his depiction of angels surrounding the birth of Christ.