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What can you do with a dollar?

What can you do with a dollar?

Your dollars can make a difference it the world. Through your donation to BYU, you can…

Summer 2013 Issue

Harness the Power of the Sun

A solar array the size of a little-league baseball diamond, designed by Shannon A. Zirbel (BS ’10, MS ’11), may one day be the largest solar array in space. With funding from BYU and NASA, the mechanical engineering PhD student has used origami to compress the array for storage to a size smaller than a pitcher’s mound.

Spread Democracy

When the director of a Russian think tank said he wanted to publish Brian W. Anderson’s (’14) paper, the undergraduate student was stunned. During a scholarship-funded summer internship in Moscow, Anderson studied and wrote about Russia’s potential to experience full democracy in the near future. Diplomats worldwide have now read his published paper.

Cure Disease

In the quest to more precisely deliver vaccines and drugs where they need to go in the body, chemical engineering student Anna Katz Hawes (BS ’13), participated in a BYU research team to study better ways to engineer virus-like particles. Their published work was funded by NASA, the National Science Foundation, and a BYU mentoring grant.

Battle Poverty

A Ghanaian widow with six children, Bernice Atakli learned a new way to provide for her family: rice farming. To raise awareness for the international aid group that has trained Bernice and others, Kelsie L. Moore (BA ’13) created a short documentary, with funding from BYU’s Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance and the Department of Theatre and Media Arts.

Clothe the World

Stronger, longer cotton fibers may eventually be a result of research by undergraduate students, from left, Justin T. Page (BS ’12) and David B. Harker (BS ’12). The pair worked with a BYU mentor and an international research team to sequence the cotton genome. Published in Nature, the work was aided by the donor-funded Fulton supercomputer and BYU mentoring grants.

You are the Y

You are the reason BYU can help students change the world. Thank you for your donations to the university.

65% of BYU graduates have donated at least once in their lifetime.

58,714 total donors in 2012.

41,462 alumni

12,365 friends

1,897 students

73% of BYU employees donated to the university in 2012.

$63.5 million donated to BYU in 2012.

I Am The Y

Brian C. Ricks (BS ’07, MS ’10) was a married PhD computer science student with two children and limited funds, yet he and his wife had a strong desire to donate to BYU. So Ricks entered a campus essay contest, won second place, and donated his $675 prize to the same scholarship fund that had helped him as an undergraduate student. Watch the stories of Ricks and other students who offer you a reason to give at more.byu.edu/IAmtheY.