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Then & Now: Creamery

History of the BYU Creamery
Photo Courtesy L. Tom Perry Special Collections UA 827 2 F-24

In 1949 BYU established a dairy-processing plant in a quonset hut to provide milk for students on campus. The College of Biological and Agricultural Sciences developed a curriculum in dairy processing, and, in 1964, the operation moved to the new Dairy Products Laboratory Building, known as the Creamery. While still providing milk, the Creamery became famous for its ice cream, enticing students, friends, and Cougar fans for a scoop on a sunny day.

Serving ice cream at the Creamery
Photo by Bradley Slade

Following a remodel and expansion of the facility, it reopened in 2009 as the Culinary Support Center, preparing soups, breads, pastas, and more. But ice cream is still the major draw, and today BYU churns out more than 200,000 gallons a year, sold in four campus Creamery locations. While distinctive flavors like the new Sneakerdoodle by (Dave) Rose tempt customers at the ice cream counter, LaVell’s Vanilla holds on as the no. 1 flavor for half-gallon sales.