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Students and Cows Rejoice

Students and faculty have spoken: after a series of focus groups and polls, they have voted Chick-fil-A to be the Cougareat’s newest addition. Many restaurants were considered, “but Chick-fil-A was the one that came up in every single focus group,” says Dean A. Wright (BS ’74), director of BYU Dining Services. The franchise will take the spot of Tomassito’s, which will be moved elsewhere on campus. Freschetta, opening four years ago, was the last eatery added to the Cougareat. The popular Chick-fil-A may even give the Cougareat’s Subway, frequently no. 1 in the nation for weekly sales, a run for its money.

The Newest Google Fiber City

Provo is about to go faster—100 times faster—in terms of Internet speed. According to Google, the average American has a 10-megabits-per-second (MBps) Internet connection. But Google is bringing Provo 1,000 MBps with its new 1-gigabit service, Google Fiber, making Provo its fourth Google Fiber city. The company has promised at least seven years of free basic broadband (for a one-time $30 activation fee) to all Provo residents—including BYU students—who can opt to pay more for the 1-gig upgrade. To build the requisite network, Google will be making an estimated $18 million investment in BYU’s hometown. Though Google Fiber will be installed for residents and public facilities first (with the initial connections coming at the end of 2013), BYU looks forward to working with the service in the future.