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BYU’s Fudge Lady

Ellen Ingerson

Ellen Ingerson

Many people call Ellen Hobbs Ingerson (BS ’91) the “fudge lady.” The creator of the BYU Bookstore fudge for the last nine years, Ingerson mixes up many varieties of fudge.

“It’s fun and very interactive,” she says of the creative process. “I ask students and customers at the candy counter for their ideas. I’ll consult anyone. I’ll say, ‘What do you think of this?’ They get so excited that they have to come back and try it.”

While Ingerson usually works only two days a week making the delectable treats, she has been known to stay late making sure the candy counter is well stocked. Education Week, Women’s Conference, and Christmas keep her especially busy, as customers wait in long lines to sample her fudge.”When the fudge has to be done, it has to be done,” Ingerson acknowledges.

Ingerson produces 12 regular varieties of fudge, with an occasional flavor of the month. In 2004 she cooked and stirred more than 3.5 tons of fudge.