BYU Theatre Ballet: Dancing with the Stars
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Dancing with the Stars

In September BYU Theatre Ballet traveled to Chicago to share a stage with the pros at a national celebration honoring famed choreographer Gerald Arpino. BYU’s was the only university program invited to perform.

BYU Theatre Ballet dancers perform "Birthday Variations."
Photo by Bradley Slade

Over the past five years, BYU has worked closely with the Gerald Arpino Foundation, regularly rehearsing and performing pieces like “Birthday Variations” (pictured). Student dancers work under the tutelage of a
repetiteur authorized to teach Arpino’s choreography.

“The way [Arpino] uses technique in his choreography, you have to grow in skill, in your technique, to be able to perform the work well,” says artistic director Ashley I. Parov (BA ’09). “The dancers are simultaneously getting better in their technique [and] their artistry.”