Bored No More card

For those who feel their entertainment in Provo is limited by a lack of options or a lack of money, the new Bored No More card may open a world of opportunity (the campus world, that is).

The campus value card offers discounts for various BYU events and services, including fine arts programs, the BYU Bookstore, dining services, the games center, Preference and Homecoming dances, the Varsity Theatre, BYUSA concerts, and more. The card also works with students’ meal plans.

Primarily designed for students, the Bored No More card is also available for parents, family, and friends. Cards may be purchased for $15 online at or in person at room 3400 in the Wilkinson Student Center.

The Bored No More card is sponsored by Campus Life; all proceeds go directly to on-campus programs for students.

INFO: 801-422-8136 or 801-422-6009