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2014–15 Faculty Retirees

Photo by Bradley Slade.

BYU wishes well to the following faculty members who retired from the university as of September 2015.

Ashbaker, Betty Young (PhD ’82), counseling psychology and special education
Baker, Sherry Hues, communications
Bahr, Stephen J. (BS ’68, MS ’69), sociology
Booth, Gary M., plant and wildlife services
Brinkerhoff, Val W. (BA ’80), photography
Brown, Lora Beth Larson (EdD ’82), nutrition, dietetics, and food science
Brown, Rodney J. (BS ’72), life sciences
Burnham, Catherine A. (BS ’71, MED ’87), family life
Cherrington, David J. (BS ’66), organizational leadership and strategy
Cox, Shirley Nissen (BA ’62), social work
Day, Randal D. (BS ’73, MS ’74, PhD ’79), family life
Durham, Thomas L., music
Hamblin, William J. (BA ’78), history
Hart, David K. (BA ’73), Russian
Hill, Gary L. (BA ’72), law library administration
Hoskisson, Quina Valtierra (BA ’71, MA ’75), Spanish
Howe, Susan E. (BA ’71), English
Hughes, R. John, communications
Jensen, Gregory C. (BS ’80, MS ’83), mechanical engineering
Knutson, Charles D. (BS ’88, MS ’94), computer science
Lee, Milton L., chemistry
Livingstone, John P. (EdD ’86), Church history and doctrine
Nyland, Nora (BS ’74, MS ’81), nutrition, dietetics, and food science
Ogden, D. Kelly (MEd ’74), ancient scripture
Olsen, Dan R., Jr.(BS ’76, MS ’78), computer science
Pope, Rulon D. (BS ’71), economics
Seipel, Michael M. O., social work
Smith, William V., mathematics
Staheli, Ronald J. (BA ’72), music
Terry, Ronald E. (PhD ’76), chemical engineering
Walters, Lawrence “Larry” C. (BA ’81), public management
West, Colleen Nelson (BA ’83, MA ’85), dance
Wright, David G. (BS ’70), mathematics
Wright, Thomas C. (BS ’76, MLIS ’92), library technical services
Young, Shauna Anderson (BS ’73), microbiology and molecular biology

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