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2013-14 Faculty Retirees

Photo by Bradley Slade.

The following faculty members retired from BYU as of September 2014.

Anderson, Vickie Lane (AS ’74, BS ’75, MS ’83), nursing

Backman, James H., law

Bahr, Howard M. (BA ’62), sociology

Barrett, Wayne W., mathematics

Baugh, Steven C. (MEd ’70, EdD ’78), education

Beutler, Ivan F. (’66), family life

Bird, C. Penny Cherrington (BA ’70, MA ’97), English

Black, Ervin L. (BA ’81, MBA ’84), accounting

Brown, Philip R. (BS ’82, PhD ’86), chemistry and biochemistry

Christensen, John O. (MLS ’75), university library

Christiansen, Richard W., electrical and computer engineering

Collings, Bruce J. (MS ’75, MS ’77), statistics

Cornia, Gary C., public management

Cowan, Richard O., Church history and doctrine

Cronin, Gloria L. (MA ’76, PhD ’80), English

Dearing, Karen S., nursing

Dominguez, David, law

Draper, Larry W. (MLS ’78, MA ’88), library special collections

Duvall, Scott H. (BA ’72, MLS ’75, MA ’77), library administration

Hawkins, John P. (BS ’70), anthropology

Hopkin, J. Arden (BM ’71), music

Hoskisson, Paul Y. (BA ’69, MA ’73), ancient scripture

Jaccard, Jerry L. (’68), music education

Jorgensen, Bruce W. (BA ’66), English

Kenney, Susan Hobson (MM ’78), music

Lamb, John D. (BS ’71, PhD ’78), chemistry and biochemistry

Lang, William E., mathematics

Lephart, Edwin D. (BS ’79, MS ’82), physiology, developmental biology

Lundquist, M. Suzanne Evertsen, (BA ’65, MA ’71), English

Matheson, Kenneth W. (BS ’67), social work

Meek, Christopher B. (BS ’73, MA ’75), organizational leadership, strategy

Melby, Alan K. (BS ’73, MA ’74, PhD ’77), linguistics, English language

Millet, Robert L. (BS ’71, MS ’73), ancient scripture

Pinegar, J. Michael (BA ’73), finance

Quackenbush, L. Howard (BA ’65, MA ’67), Spanish and Portuguese

Roberts, Norman L. (BA ’73, PhD ’94), counseling and career center

Shirts, Randall B. (BS ’73), chemistry and biochemistry

Spencer, David E. (BA ’71), economics

Washburn, Allyson Martin (BS ’70, MLIS ’93), library administration

Whetten, David A. (BS ’70, MS ’71), organizational leadership, strategy

Williams, Marleen S. Eggett (BS ’87, PhD ’93), counseling and career center

Wilson, Laurie J. Tucker (BA ’79, MA ’82), communications

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