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2019–2020 Faculty Retirees

An aerial shot of BYU at dusk.
Photo by Nate Edwards.

BYU bids adieu to the following faculty members who retired from the university by September 2020:

Adams, R. Brent, computer science

Archibald, James K. (BS ’81), electrical and computer engineering

Ball, Terry B. (BS ’79, MA ’88, PhD ’92), ancient scripture

Berrondo, Manuel, physics and astronomy

Boothe, Randall W. (MM ’79), music

Burr, Kevin L. (AS ’82), construction and facilities management

Busath, David D., physiology and developmental biology

Christensen, Kip (BS ’80, MS ’82), technology and engineering studies

Davies, Mark E. (BA ’86, MA ’89), linguistics

Davis, James A. (BS ’78), geography

Eggington, William G., linguistics

Flanagan, J. Kelly (BS ’88, MS ’89, PhD ’93), computer science and BYU vice president of information technology and chief information officer

Gessel, Van C., Asian and Near Eastern languages

Goates, Steven R. (BS ’76), chemistry and biochemistry

Graham, Daniel W. (MA ’75), philosophy

Graves, Steven W., chemistry and biochemistry

Hall, Rosalind B. (MM ’92), music

Hallen, Cynthia L. (BA ’80, MA ’82), linguistics

Hauglid, Brian M. (BA ’84), ancient scripture

Hendrickson, Scott J. (BA ’79, MA ’84), mathematics education

Hicks, Michael D. (BA ’80), music

Hutchings, D. Mark (BA ’77), construction and facilities management

Jarvis, Sabrina D. (MS ’90), nursing

Jensen, David W. (BS ’80), civil and environmental engineering

Keith, Jeffrey D. (BS ’77), geological sciences

Kelly, L. Kevin, communications

Kirkham, David M. (BA ’78, Med ’79, JD ’82, MFA ’12), political science and law

Lawson, John S. (BS ’69, MS ’71), statistics

McPherson, David L. (BS ’67), communication disorders

Miller, Harold L., Jr., psychology

Moody, Joseph W. (BS ’80), physics and astronomy

Morrison, Timothy G. (BA ’77, Med ’79), teacher education

Musil, Pamela S. (BS ’78, MA ’85), dance

Nielsen, Dianne Lindley (BA ’77, PhD ’01), counseling and career services

Nuttall, Ronald B. (BS ’83, MS ’87), dance

Ostler, Craig J. (BA ’77, Med ’79, PhD ’95), Church history

Perry, Lee T. (BS ’74, MA ’77), management

Pulfer, Adrian H. (BFA ’89), design

Randall, E. Vance (BS ’75, Med ’78), educational leadership and foundations

Ravert, Patricia K. (BS ’75, MS ’94), nursing

Roundy, Robin O. (BS ’78, MS ’80), mathematics

Skousen, Royal J. (BA ’69), linguistics

Smith, A. Kim (BA ’77, MBA ’79), finance

Stevens, Mikel R. (BS ’77, MS ’83), plant and wildlife sciences

Sudweeks, Bryan L. (BA ’80, MBA ’82), finance

Teng, Chia-Chi, information technology and cybersecurity

Thompson, Michael P. (BA ’75), management

Thorley, Steven R. (BS ’79, MBA ’82), finance

Welch, John W. (BA ’70, MA ’70), law

Winkler, Albert L. (MLS ’82, PhD ’82), library

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