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2012-13 Faculty Retirees

Adolphson, Donald L. (’81), public management

Black, Susan Easton (BA ’66), Church history and doctrine

Bevan, F. Julie (BM ’73), music

Black, Catherine H., dance

Boerio-Goates, Juliana, chemistry and biochemistry

Butler, H. Julene (BA ’70, MLS ’71), university libraries

Bybee, Howard C. (BA ’68, MLS ’87, MA ’89), university libraries

Call, Michael J. (BA ’71, MA ’76), humanities, classics, and comparative literature

Choi, Dong S. (MA ’84, PhD ’90), Church history and doctrine

Crawford, Robert G. (BA ’67), managerial economics

Daynes, Byron W. (BS ’63, MS ’65), political science

Debenham, H. Patrick (BS ’73), dance

Duckwitz, Norbert H. O. (BA ’69, MA ’72), humanities, classics, and comparative literature

Ellinger, Patricia Redmond (BS ’70), nursing

Embley, David W., computer science

Galbraith, Richard C. (BS ’71), family life

Gray, Howard R. (BS ’69, MS ’70)recreation management

Grover, Mark L. (BA ’71, MLS ’73), university libraries

Hansen, Gary W. (BS ’67, MS ’68), information systems

Holman, Thomas B. (MEd ’76, PhD ’81), family life

Hurlbut, Jesse D. (BA ’80), French

Isakson, Richard L., counseling and career center

Kramer, Gary L. (BS ’70, MA ’71)education

Kupitz, Gabriele I. (BA ’91, MLS ’93)university libraries

Lund, Randall J. (MA ’73), German

Mandleco, Barbara Hartwig (PhD ’91), nursing

Mayo, Alan L., geology

Olson, Mel Jay (MS ’73, EdD ’80), exercise sciences

Olson, Terrance D. (BS ’67, MS ’69), family life

Osguthorpe, Russell T. (BS ’71, MS ’73, PhD ’75), instructional psychology

Perkins, Jerome M. (BA ’71, MEd ’77, PhD ’89), Church history and doctrine

Radebaugh, Lee H. (BS ’68), accountancy

Randall, Boyd C., accountancy

Richards, Mary Stovall (BA ’73), history

Robins, Debra C. (BS ’75, MA ’83), Asian and Near Eastern studies

Rushton, Patricia (MN ’77, PhD ’89), nursing

Sommerfeldt, Vern D. (MA ’80, PhD ’88), ancient scripture

Stokes, Harold T. (BS ’71), physics

Thorp, Malcolm R. (BS ’64, MA ’67)history

Walker, Steven C. (BA ’65, MA ’66), English

Woodworth, Warner P. (BS ’67, MS ’69)organizational leadership and strategy

Worsham, Anne Golden (BS ’85, MA ’03), communications

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