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BYU Magazine’s Best of 2018

A year in review of the most popular articles for this past year. Full of brownies, Cosmo, giant nerf guns and more.


Inside Micropolis

With trillions of inhabitants, your gut microbiome affects your health in more ways than scientists ever imagined.


Deep Joy

President Worthen discovered that a good measure of our eternal progress is how much joy we derive from service.

Web-Only Stories

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Partying Like It’s 2011

Three BYU greats found their way back to the same court for a whirlwind TBT final-four run.

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Real-Life Von Trapps?

The BYU-loving LeBarons became internet sensations almost overnight. We caught up with them to hear their story.

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BYU in the Top 10

Taysom Hill? Check. Tanner Mangum Hail Mary? Check. A softball player doing a handstand? You gotta see this.

More From The Latest Issue

At the Y

Anything but Traditional

Computer scientist and mother of four Meher Shaikh sees no sacrifice as too high a cost for education.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

From Rec to Tech

A BYU history grad is helping rewrite the narrative for disadvantaged youth in Baltimore.

Alumni News

Acting for Good

Heidi Méndez Harrison loves the theater, and her favorite writers and audiences are kids in juvenile detention centers.

Alumni News

Camp College

The BYU Alumni Anchorage, Alaska, chapter offers a free ACT/College Prep Camp to disadvantaged teens.

Alumni News

Naturally Curious

She loves salamanders; he loves rats. Together, they research the endless biodiversity of the Amazon.

Fun Stuff

Alumni News

Stadium Upgrades

If you could direct the upgrades, how would you improve LaVell Edwards Stadium?

At the Y

Five Little-Known HBLL Secrets

The Harold B. Lee Library isn’t just for book lovers—it’s for musicians, designers, and film junkies, too.

From Our New Section

At the Y

Up Your Parenting

The latest BYU research reveals two ways moms and dads can up their emotional skills.

At the Y

Like a Frayed Cord

After Ryan Moffett was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he turned to his art as a way to find peace.

At the Y

Q&A: Radio from the Stars

The National Science Foundation awarded these two professors $5.8 million to upgrade a giant radio telescope.