You Are the Gift

Perhaps the Lord isn’t asking for big, time-consuming gestures. Perhaps He merely wants minutes of our time every day.

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Since Napoleon

Napoleon Dynamite launched the careers of the key BYU students and alumni involved.

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Mascots and Presidents

It's a Cougar. It's a Gymnast. It's President Wilkinson? Learn the history of the Cosmo reveal and see the new chapter.

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A Tot-Tastic Cover

How many pounds of tater-tots does it take to make a BYU Magazine cover?

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At the Y

A Comic Mission

Through the good, the bad, and the funny, this missionary kept her mission journal as a 628-page comic strip.

Alumni News

The Soul of Solo

On a perilous night a student experienced a rescue three years in the making.

At the Y

Class Notes from AD 370

From an ancient Christian philosopher to long-lost papyri scrolls, this lost interpretation of Psalms is noteworthy.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

Hymn Writing 101

The author of a few LDS hymns, including "O Savior, Thou Who Wears a Crown," shares seven tips for writing sacred verse.

Alumni News

Like Father, Like Daughters

Ed Zendejas shared his love of law with his children, two of whom followed him all the way to the bench.

Alumni News

A Couple of Artists

Lance and Jacqui Larsen are known by locals as “the art couple.” With his words and her images, they’ve been partnering

Fun Stuff

Out of the Blue

These Cats Can Dance

A Rolex-obsessed rap duo sought out Cosmo and the Cougarettes for a halftime collaboration.

From Our New Section

Letters From Home

Grandma’s Tree

Grafting good into your family can bear sweet fruit.

Letters From Home

Heart and Mind

A new magazine section, “Letters from Home,” launches with a piece on discerning truth from an insult.