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5 Years to Live

Need a goal for 2018? Resolve to live Melanie Day, the alumna who is taking her grim prognosis and making it count.

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Top 10 Stories of 2017

The no. 1 story is about an alum you should know. And no. 2, a student who spent only $8 on food for an entire year.


Lighting the World

Meet an alum from every state who is lighting the world, going for to serve in ways big and small.

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Crayon Jewels

Thirty-nine colored-in masterpieces made it into our inbox. Four emerged victorious.

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Alumni News

5 Years to Live

Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, Melanie Day figured it was time to stop saying “someday.”

At the Y

Hut, Hut, Serve!

Coach Sitake’s vision for BYU football includes giving back—this year in Harlem, the city dear to LaVell Edwards.

Letters From Home

Backyard Archaeology

Unearthing artifacts of her kids’ past, a mother also catches glimpses of their future.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

Cancer Killer

Alum Craig Meyers stumbled upon a virus that can kill any form of cancer. Will it work in people?

Alumni News

Finding Her Voice

When alumna Jennifer Lynn speaks, her family hears a miracle.

Alumni News

Like Falling in Love

One thing makes refugees resilient, says alum Hayley Smith. And it draws her to them.

Alumni News

Cycle and Recycle

One alumni couple is getting people out of their cars and onto bikes.

Fun Stuff

First Person

Saturday Warriors

Students drop their books for thrilling intramural victories and memorable defeats.

At the Y

The Great Mathematical Unicorn

Sit in on a lecture connecting the great George Cantor’s Theory of Infinity and Christ’s infinite Atonement.

Special Go-Forth Issue: Living the Motto

Out of the Blue

One Lap Down, 109 to Go

Each year a BYU track director helps Utah State Prison inmates train for an annual marathon run inside prison walls.

Out of the Blue

Go Forth to Build

In the early days on BYU campus, students' minds and bodies were put to work.

At the Y

Hair Care That Cares

At 16, she created a philanthropic beauty business to help an orphanage. Now, with Y tutelage, business is expanding.