Who Is the BYU GOAT?

There are dozens of contenders for greatest Cougar athlete of all time. Can you pick just one?

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Q&A: Seeking Truth and Wisdom

Top of Mind host Julie Rose shares how—in a time of division and “fake news”—she gathers trustworthy information.

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19 Committees for COVID-19

With the world going remote, BYU made lightning-speed decisions to update campus for fall 2020 semester.

Alumni News

Building Zion in India

BYU Management Society India Chapter President Kiran Kota organized dozens of seminars to help lower poverty.


The Marvelous Gift of Creation

In the restored gospel, there is no room for indifference toward nature, which is infused with spirituality.

Cougs You Should Know

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Head of the Class

Lauren Ard has combined science and pop culture to captivate more than 10,000 students in her beloved online classes.

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Illustrating Women

Family, motherhood, history, and strong women are dominant themes in Brooke Smart’s illustrations.

Letters From Home

A Little Bit of Dark

When this alumna felt hopeless, her brother's words reminded her that life and light will come.

Alumni News

Going Forth

BYU alumni put their talents to use on the dance stage, in the rescue-plane cockpit, and in a classroom for the blind.

Fun Stuff

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Flying with Faith

BYU dance professor Adam Dyer shares how his faith helps him overcome the fears of life and soaring in aerial dance.

First Person

Post-Mission Transition

The switch from missionary to BYU student has both awkward moments and triumphs.

Alumni News

Wild West

In the latest Aaron Taylor comic, BYU football travels to the Wild West only to find they don’t have any competition.

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Seeking the Best Books

In addition to the scriptures, Terryl and Fiona Givens have read dozens of religious authors. Here’s their favorite 12.

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Fighting Fire with Fiber

With wildfires a perennial problem, BYU students developed a tool to quickly detect fires and reduce response time.

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Finding Purpose in an Outbreak

A microbiology PhD student traveled back home to Mexico to aid with the Chikungunya outbreak and found purpose.

Thoughtful Reads

Family Focus

Maximizing the Mashup

When earning and learning and living all happen in the same space, boundaries can blur. Here’s what to do about it.

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Pixelated and Perfect

Learn how BYU scientists use Hubble Space Telescope images (like this one of Pluto) to make groundbreaking discoveries.

Out of the Blue

A Quieter Campus

With COVID-19 precautions in place, this year’s crop of freshmen are navigating a changed campus.

At the Y

Judging a Book by Its Cover

Artist Abby deWitt captures the beauty of Elie Wiesel’s Night trilogy through her award-winning cover designs.