Stuck in Neutral

The road to adulthood—whatever that means—has never been longer. Should this have us worried?


Beyond Compare

When we feel inclined to compare, we should remember that the race is against sin, not each other.

At the Y

Art in the Smithsonian

Hanging in the Smithsonian, a portrait by two BYU photographers shows one of a language’s last speakers.

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Far-Out Findings

BYU and NASA are reaching deep into space with dust analyzers, rotorcrafts, and computer simulations.

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Plan Your Pilgrimage

Hidden gems in the Holy Land from a Jerusalem Center–inspired BYU professor of ancient scripture.

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Keeping Kiribati Afloat

A new professor is teaching her native language in the first university-level class ever offered for it.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

Eyes of an Artist

Washington police officer discovers hidden talent through forensics class.

Alumni News

Meeting in Mongolia

More than 200 people attended the BYU Management Society's two-day entrepreneurship conference.

Alumni News

Astride the Great Divide

Two BYU Alumni use their science education to encourage wildlife preservation in the wilds of Glacier National Park.

First Person

Life in a Mobile Home

After their house is damaged by a fire, a family sifts through the ashes and learns that “home” is more than a building.

Fun Stuff

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Squishy Service

BYU students teach elementary students how to combat obesity and live healthy lifestyles in fun, creative ways.


The Turkey Trot

A BYU professor wins the prize for name confusion.

From Our News Section

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No Lawyer, No Problem

BYU law students create free tools to help people navigate the law and even the scales in areas such as evictions.

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Dunking Queen

Camdyn Roberts makes history by becoming the BYU dunk team’s first female member.

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Scales and Talking Skills

Professors and students at BYU are working to help kids with autism learn social skills . . . through a fish.

Web-Only Stories


Make Your 100 List

The Marriott School expert on living intentionally wants you to make a 100 list. Here are the rules.

Web Only

Partying Like It’s 2011

Three BYU greats found their way back to the same court for a whirlwind TBT final-four run.

Web Only

Real-Life Von Trapps?

The BYU-loving LeBarons became internet sensations almost overnight. We caught up with them to hear their story.

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BYU in the Top 10

Taysom Hill? Check. Tanner Mangum Hail Mary? Check. A softball player doing a handstand? You gotta see this.