The BYU Launchpad

BYU advertising students are creating iconic campaigns and landing at the world’s most-respected agencies.


Stand Forever

In a day of deception and distraction, we can find solid footing on the rock of revelation.


Planting Seeds

Overheard ridiculous claims lead to confusion and hilarity in this comic retelling of BYU shenanigans.

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At the Y

Honor Code Answers

The director of BYU’s Honor Code Office addresses common questions.

At the Y

BYU Admissions Changes

BYU Admissions changed policies to look at prospective students more holistically and to lessen student anxiety.

Cougs You Should Know

Alumni News

Intersections of Identity

A BYU alumna manages to defy easy categorization as she finds ways to embrace the different aspects of her identity.

Alumni News

Is This Where I Belong?

A BYU alumna shares tips on how to make where you live home and how to better unify your community.

Alumni News

Finding Footing for Faith

In their new book, Bruce and Marie Hafen emphasize perspective, patience, and trust in God when faced with faith crises.

Alumni News

Stone Works

After discovering a love of lithography at BYU, Brandon Gunn now pursues his art at the prestigious Tamarind Institute.

Fun Stuff

First Person

Cheap Eats

Student funds and schedules prompt some curious culinary solutions.

At the Y

Picks for Young Readers

Terrell Young, 2019 Newbery Medal selection committee member, shares his recommended reads for younger readers.

At the Y

16 Days in the Saddle

Exercise-science professor Ty Hopkins finished the Tour Divide bike race in 16 days, biking 2,725 miles.

From Our News Section

At the Y

A Populism Primer

BYU political science professor and his team answer popular questions about populism.

At the Y

Catching an Invisible Ghost

For centuries, people have wondered how to picture a mysterious creature from Japanese folklore—until now.

At the Y

Fighting Fire with Seeds

A plant and wildlife sciences professor is saving native plants from fire and an invasive species by coating the seeds.

Web-Only Stories


Make Your 100 List

The Marriott School expert on living intentionally wants you to make a 100 list. Here are the rules.

Web Only

Partying Like It’s 2011

Three BYU greats found their way back to the same court for a whirlwind TBT final-four run.

Web Only

Real-Life Von Trapps?

The BYU-loving LeBarons became internet sensations almost overnight. We caught up with them to hear their story.

Web Only

BYU in the Top 10

Taysom Hill? Check. Tanner Mangum Hail Mary? Check. A softball player doing a handstand? You gotta see this.