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Tyler S. Stahle

A cute baby girl plays with a set of colorful stacking cups.


Parenting with Peace

Learn four ways that parents can strengthen their marital relationships and experience increased peace.

A young woman has a caring conversation with her aging relative.


Prepare to Care

Insights from a BYU professor on having open conversations about caregiving for aging family members.

In a cemetery, three teens create an impression by rubbing chalk or charcoal on a paper pressed to a headstone.


Ancestral Anchors

Family history stories empower and nurture identity in teens.

With the moon and stars shining in the night sky, a teddy bear is lying in bed on a soft pillow, eyes big and wide awake.


The Sleep-Stress Cycle

Child sleep disorders are impacting parental health.

The Dangers of Dating Apps
Spring 2023
Violent sexual predators are using dating apps to target vulnerable victims.
No Technoference, Please!
Winter 2023
Parents’ unhealthy social-media habits may put their children at risk.
The Rewards of Indebtedness
Fall 2022
Deep gratitude to God is a remedy for entitlement and selfishness.
Nourish and Strengthen
Summer 2022
Empowering children to improve their relationship with food and body image starts at home.
For Love and Money
Spring 2022
Parents who teach their kids about money set them up for future success, both financially and romantically.