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Tyler S. Stahle

A teenaged daughter is visibly vexed by their mother's attention to a smartphone. A young man looks down at the ground.


No Technoference, Please!

Parents’ unhealthy social-media habits may put their children at risk.

A vibrant sunset over a snow-frosted peak and a mountainside of yellow wildflowers.


The Rewards of Indebtedness

Deep gratitude to God is a remedy for entitlement and selfishness.

A toddler with curly brown hair sits in his high chair and bites into a green stalk of broccoli. An abandoned swirl sucker has been set to the side.

Family Focus

Nourish and Strengthen

Empowering children to improve their relationship with food and body image starts at home.

A happy figurine family stands atop a pile of coins.

Family Focus

For Love and Money

Parents who teach their kids about money set them up for future success, both financially and romantically.