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Madeline A. Buhman

John and Shauna Dickson kiss over a trail sign on the Appalachian Trail


Retired, Not Tired

The Dicksons decided to take a long walk—from Georgia to Maine.

Poet and hymn writer Karen Davidson sitting at a piano.


Hymn Writing 101

Submitting original music for the revised LDS hymn book? Read these seven tips on writing sacred verse.

The large Pachev family out on a run, all wearing Croc shoes.


Running with the Crocs

Meet the family of the youngest-ever BYU alum—and see how they run.

Eric Rasmussen smiling at the camera.


Navigating the Maze of Media

Monitoring rather than eliminating may be the key to guiding our children’ s media consumption.

Finding Her Voice
Summer 2017
When alumna Jennifer Lynn speaks, her family hears a miracle—a miracle that began in a hospital bed and continues daily.
From War Zone to Classroom
Spring 2017
For this award-winning teacher, the Gulf War was a classroom.
Mighty Baking
Spring 2017
A self-taught baker defied the odds—twice—to win Food Network’s Cake Wars.
From Kolkata to Provo
Spring 2017
At BYU, Hindu Pritha Lal found a completely alien environment—but one thing laced home and campus together.