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Kevin J Worthen


A Prophetic Promise Fulfilled

In times of trial, we can rely on prophetic guidance.


A Community of Belonging

Founded on gospel principles and BYU's mission statement, the university is building belonging.

BYU president Kevin J Worthen.


A Joyful Gathering of God’s Children

In times of physical distancing, nurturing the university’s community of disciple-scholars becomes all the more vital.

A historical image of students whitewashing the Y on the mountain above BYU.


Lessons from a Letter

The Y on the mountain above campus reminds us that perspective matters and failure is not final.

Deep Joy
Fall 2018
President Worthen discovered that a good measure of our eternal progress is how much joy we derive from service.
Failing Successfully
Fall 2015
Fear of failure should not keep us from trying new and hard things in our quest for perfection, says President Worthen.
To the Mountains We Go
Winter 2015
In his inaugural address, President Kevin J Worthen articulates an upward climb both challenging and exhilarating.
On Knowing and Caring
Fall 1998
We should always remember that we need to know and we need to care.