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Jeffrey G. Mulcock

Barret Graham


The Write Direction

Graham makes her way as an award-winning freelance writer.


Presidential Counsel

Sampson enjoys working in the public service sector logging long hours under President Bush.

Finals Survival Kit


Supporting Stressed-out Students

Boxes of goodies designed to delight, Finals Survival Kits are delivered to hundreds of students each fall semester.

D'Enika Torres


The United State of BYU’s International Students

A Mexican student takes the lead in bringing together international students.

Representing Women
Winter 2003
Mott spent the last 2 years creating six paintings focusing on the experience of women during the Nauvoo era.
A Pair of Aces
Fall 2002
Porter, tennis coach at BYU-Hawaii, is the 1st coach to win both men’s and women’s national championships in one season.
Supporting Special-Needs Families
Summer 2002
When the Dinnells' third son was born with DeBarsy Syndrome, they discovered new ways in which to serve.
Commanding Career
Summer 2002
Robinson was one of the first women to graduate from BYU's ROTC program and has served her whole life.
The Grant That Keeps on Giving
Spring 2002
Through alumni replenishment grants students are able to complete their education and then return the favor.
Honored Mayor
Spring 2002
Christensen's degree in communications from BYU has been a valuable asset to her work in public service.
Reuniting the Class of 1961
Winter 2002
BYU alumni reminisce and encourage all to attend their class reunion.