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Janice Barrett Graham

Janice Barrett Graham

By Jeffrey G. Mulcock, ’03

“What else should I do?” pondered Janice Barrett Graham, ’76, after 20 years of raising a family. That question ultimately led to Graham’s status as an award-winning freelance writer and as the co-author of Merrill Osmond’s recent book, Let the Reason Be Love, about Osmond’s life and experiences.

Graham spent the last 10 years relearning effective writing skills. While proving herself through various tasks for the Pleasant Grove Review, she racked up impressive awards from the Utah Press Association. With a goal to write for children, Graham worked hard to be published in premier magazines like Highlights for Children, Spider, and even Runner’s World.

Osmond, a friend of Graham’s husband, Stephen, ’74, felt inspired while reading her work. “She seemed to connect with the purpose of the book,” says Osmond.

But Graham was not immediately interested. She had no experience in ghostwriting or show business, and the task seemed far from her goals. Osmond insisted Graham was the one he had been looking for, so she decided to pray about the opportunity. “I learned quickly that sometimes what we are supposed to do isn’t necessarily what we plan,” says Graham. “My answer took me in a completely different direction from where I started.”

Graham worked eight to 10 hours a day for three months on the book. The book’s message helped her to reach Osmond’s vision. “It’s about trusting a loving Godhead,” says Graham. “I had to do just that every single day to make this happen.”

Having completed her first big writing project, Graham says she is excited to work on future books. “Doing this gave me the courage and experience I needed. Sometimes I think the experience was all for me.”