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Jacob F. Frandsen

A portrait of Lindsey Stirling


Violin with a High Kick

Taking a funky dance step away from classical music, violinist Lindsey Stirling found YouTube fame.


Trash Talk

Professor Jaron C. Hansen is turning trash into a clean energy source through anaerobic digesters.


Portraits of Influence

A Museum of Art exhibit examines the art of the Weir family, which expanded the traditions of American art.


Fish Flicks and Flings

Though fishy dating tests, horror movies, and video games sound zany, Ingley says they play an important role.

A Cappella Fellas
Winter 2012
BYU Vocal Point competes on NBC’s The Sing-Off.
BYU Can Hack It
Winter 2012
In a windowless room, four hackers erupt into cheers and a round of high fives. They're in.
A Dress Come True
Winter 2012
The cast of BYU's The Hundred Dresses dressed up the HFAC and amassed hundreds of dresses for immigrants in need.