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Amanda Bagley Lewis


The First Year: Great Expectations

The first in a four-part series capturing the journey of four new students as they enter Brigham Young University.


Education in Zion

A new exhibition at BYU reveals a little-known and remarkable heritage of learning and faith.


The First Service Scholar

Hundreds of service hours earned Karen Call a BYU first and helped her recover from depression.

KBYU tv reports on polls


A Day for Doughnuts and Democracy

On Election Day, poli-sci and stats students endure long hours, poll skeptics, and rain to understand voters.

Judging the Newbery
Winter 2009
Tunnell read hundreds of books as a member of the American Library Association’s 2009 Newbery Medal selection committee.
A Piece of the HIV Puzzle
Fall 2008
The follicular dendritic cell protects the HIV virus during drug treatment.
It All Came Down to Baseball
Summer 2008
After tallying up wins and losses this season between Utah and BYU, it's all come down to one game.