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Madeline A. Buhman


Retired, Not Tired

The Dicksons decided to take a long walk—from Georgia to Maine.


Hymn Writing 101

Submitting original music for the revised LDS hymn book? Read these seven tips on writing sacred verse.


Running with the Crocs

Meet the family of the youngest-ever BYU alum—and see how they run.


Navigating the Maze of Media

Monitoring rather than eliminating may be the key to guiding our children’ s media consumption.

Finding Her Voice
Summer 2017
When alumna Jennifer Lynn speaks, her family hears a miracle—a miracle that began in a hospital bed and continues daily.
From War Zone to Classroom
Spring 2017
For this award-winning teacher, the Gulf War was a classroom.
Mighty Baking
Spring 2017
A self-taught baker defied the odds—twice—to win Food Network’s Cake Wars.
From Kolkata to Provo
Spring 2017
At BYU, Hindu Pritha Lal found a completely alien environment—but one thing laced home and campus together.