The Pursuit of Nap-iness: Finding The Best Napping Spots on Campus
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The Pursuit of Nap-iness

It’s no secret that college students are chronically sleep-deprived. Fortunately, they can sleep just about anywhere—as evidenced by @BYUSleeps, an Instagram account dedicated to documenting the places on campus where students manage to catch their ZZZs. But what class, hallway, or corner of the quad is the best for rest?

student talking a nap on the floor using their backpack as a pillow
There isn’t a campus nook or cranny, study carrel or restroom couch that hasn’t at some time provided a setting for a student’s power nap. Photo by Sarah Kay Miller.

We asked our readers on social media, and their answers, spanning decades and buildings, didn’t disappoint. From some 150 responses, we pulled out some of the most-mentioned—and most-unusual—places:

The Harold B. Lee Library: The library isn’t just for studying. Students and alums noted the coziness of the fireplace area in the periodicals section, the comfort of the beanbag chairs in the L. Tom Perry Special Collections (who knew?), the privacy of carrels and study rooms, and, of course, the revered couches in the women’s bathrooms on the second and fourth floors.

The Joseph Smith Building: Home base for religious education, the JSB is a place of spiritual—and literal—warmth. According to several accounts, stacks of colorful crocheted blankets can be found on the cushioned benches outside religion-faculty offices.

The Planetarium: Obviously. Who could stay awake during astronomy—or any lecture—in a darkened room with padded chairs? Our nap enthusiasts said the lights are also nice and dim in International Cinema, the entrances to the de Jong Concert Hall and Nelke Theatre, photo labs, and many campus auditoriums.

The Harris Fine Arts Center: This maze of a building offers endless nooks and crannies for the quick snooze. Caution: if you curl up somewhere, it’s best to know your way out—or there’s a good chance no one will ever find you.

A Patch of Grass: Following the long, brutal Utah winter, catnappers begin appearing outdoors as soon as the temperatures hit 50 degrees. There seems to be an especially well-loved patch of lawn just outside the library in the quad to the north.

Under Display Cases: We’re looking at you, Benson Building, where display cases jutting out from the wall provide perfect shelters from hallway foot traffic. Students not only get a nap; if they lie down facing the wall, they can do so in anonymity.

The Testing Center: After an all-night study session, those hard desks can suddenly seem pillowy. And more than one alum noted the center’s music room. Budget an extra hour for tests in there.

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