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Student Alumni Association Honors 11 Alums

Eleven BYU alumni received Honored Alumni awards at an event sponsored by the Student Alumni Association during Homecoming Week in October. The academic colleges honored alums who have made significant contributions to their fields of study and their communities.

The recipients of the 1996 awards are Greggory R. DeVore (Salt Lake City, UT), Biology and Agriculture; Janet Griffin Lee (Provo, UT), Education; Mark L. Vorwaller (Indialantic, FL), Engineering; Gary J. Witherspoon (Eatonville, WA), Family Home and Social Sciences; Gifford Nielsen (Sugarland, TX), Fine Arts and Communications; Eric B. Shumway (Laie, HI), Humanities; Bruce T. Reese (Salt Lake City, UT), Law School; W. Lowell Benson (Salt Lake City, UT), Marriott School of Management; Marilyn Winterton Edmunds (Ellicott City, MD), Nursing; Sheila Iversen (Calgary, Alberta), Physical Education; and Ingo R. Titze (Iowa City, IO), Physical and Mathematical Sciences.

The Honored Alums presented lectures in their individual colleges during the Honored Alumni Lecture Series and met one-on-one with students during Career Connections.

In addition to honored alumni, each academic college recognized an honored student who has shown scholastic merit, character, leadership, and service to their community and college. Honored students this year are Brenda Lewis, Biology & Agriculture; Cristen Barlow, Education; Keith White, Engineering; Laurel Anderson, Family, Home, and Social Sciences; Kenneth Reed Garff, Fine Arts & Communications; Dana L. Anderson, Humanities; Eric S. Lind, Law School; Melissa C. Dow and David R. Koch, Marriott School of Management; Kim Flinders, Nursing; Julie Fairbourn, Physical Education; and David Dahl, Physical & Mathematical Sciences.

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