First Person

Share a BYU Memory

Dust off a story from your BYU glory days. If it is selected to be printed in the magazine, we’ll pay you $50.

Upcoming topics include the following:

Winter 2007: Lab Learning. Just about every BYU student spends some time in the lab these days. And not just brewing chemical concoctions. Students also go to labs to fine-tune their French, refine their writing, make sense of mathematics, and lift their learning in countless other ways. Send in your lab stories—eureka moments, “explosive” learning, and extracurricular adventures with labmates.Deadline: Nov. 6.

Spring 2007: BYU Boogie. From New Student Orientation to the Senior Celebration, BYU students spend a lot of time shaking a leg on the dance floor. Over the years, social dance classes, ward parties, Homecoming, Preference, and the Gold and Green Ball have all provided opportunities for students to cut the rug, get down, groove, jive, and, more than anything, socialize. Whether you were a dancing queen (or king) or a wallflower (or weed), we want to hear your dancing stories. Deadline: Feb. 5.

Send anecdotes (of up to 300 words) to Submissions may be edited for length, grammar, appropriateness, and clarity. Submissions not included in the magazine may be used on the BYU Magazine Web site.