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Meet the Job of Your Dreams

BYU Alumni Placement Services is offering a new, no-cost job-hunting service to help match BYU alumni with prospective employers. Job seekers will be matched to employers that reflect their occupational interests and skills.

“This system will help speed your search and reduce the time wasted in investigating jobs that are not a good match for you,” says Scott R. Greenhalgh (BS ’86), alumni placement manager. “They will also identify positions and matches that may be more ideal.”

People happy in their current jobs may find that this service will provide a safety net in case of unforeseen events. They can have their records remain inactive until they wish to investigate employment options.

“When you’ve completed the process, you will automatically receive a detailed report of your assessment results,” Greenhalgh says.

The system is made possible by a partnership with the BYU Alumni Placement Office, Performance Resources, Profiles International, and JobMatch.