Find Your Facebook Family

11,000 LDS Facebookers have searched for kin using the Relative Finder app, which shows users how they’re related to historical figures and to their Facebook friends. Developed by computer science major C. Michael Nelson (BS ’11) and others, the app runs on an original program created by professor Thomas W. Sederberg (BS ’75).

14 generations of data from Ancestral File and New FamilySearch, both LDS genealogical databases, can be scanned and interpreted by Relative Finder.

4 of 5 stars, Relative Finder’s user rating, tops the ratings of more widely used genealogy apps.

The Milton Mill

Milton Lee550 papers published in scholarly journals have been authored or coauthored by chemistry professor Milton L. Lee in his 35 years at BYU—an average of 15 articles per year.

19 inventions under Lee’s name have received official U.S. patents, including the Guardion-7, a portable device that soldiers, first-responders, and drug investigators can use to detect hazardous chemicals. Lee has fourmore patents pending.

6 companies have been founded by Lee and his colleagues.

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