Greg Bean and Jean Bean Create Art to Connect with Others
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The Love of Art and the Art of Love

Painting of people walking up and down the side walk, passing by each other and not looking at each other. Part of the painting is erased and is the outline of a man.

Greg Bean, Unseen, oil on panel, 36″ × 24″

“We work on commissions in our home studio together, we go out and paint together, we go to museums together,” says Greg S. Bean (BFA ’17) about spending time with his wife, Jean Mcfarland Bean (BA ’17). Their mutual love of art has provided a way for the Beans to grow together, including getting their art degrees at BYU as older students after early retirement. They’ve traveled to galleries all over and spent countless hours discussing artists and painting.

Art also draws the Beans closer to others, and they often feature family and friends in their pieces. Sometimes, though, they’ve been known to use their hobby to get a little space. “If we just needed some mom and dad time,” says Greg, “we’d put in an art video [and the kids were] gone.”

Greg Bean draws a picture in graphite of a Police officer sitting on a bench, looking at a little boy plays with police intercom.

Greg Bean, Boys on the Bench, graphite on bristol board, 16″ × 17″

Greg Bean draws with graphite, a picture of a child wearing goggles and making a kissy face.

Greg Bean, Naomi, graphite on paper, 5″ × 7″

Greg Bean draws a self-portrait with graphite on paper.

Greg Bean, Self-Portrait ’13, graphite on paper, 5″ × 7″

A little girl sits in a wooden chair while she reads in the garden.

Jean Bean, Imagine That (Ellie with the Bear), mixed media on panel, 46″ × 58″

A painting of the Lehi Roller Mills factory.

Jean Bean, Lehi Roller Mills, oil on panel, 12″ × 24″