Favorite Women's Conference Takeaways
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Favorite Women’s Conference Takeaways

Hundreds of women took over campus today and yesterday for Women’s Conference—or, as BYU President Kevin J Worthen called it in his conference welcome, “EFY for Relief Society.” The annual event draws crowds for its inspiring speakers, classes, and service projects (and BYU brownies). Here, find nine participants’ favorite spiritual takeaways one day in.

“We’re each different in our conversion, and we each have our own conversion story. . . . No matter how strong our testimonies are, we have struggles.”

—Brenda Bates Perry (BS ’80), Kearns, Utah

“Enduring doesn’t mean to endure without errors. It means endure to the end.”

—Amy Bingham, Santa Ana, California

“Grace is the power of the atonement. . . . When we use grace, we’re able to access the atonement. And that’s what grace is—and not just something we’re given, but something we can use.”

—Krista Blackburn Robinson (BS ’05), Saratoga Springs, Utah

“You don’t have to go out and find something awesome to do. Just serve where you are.”

—Terrilynn Peterson Houdek (BS ’03), Caldwell, Idaho

“[Sharon Eubank] was talking about faith. . . . She actually said looking to the future, thinking about what’s going to happen beyond this life, was point one—she said, ‘Well, that’s faith.’”

—Celine Turgeon Godfrey (BS ’78), South Jordan, Utah

“We would do well to slow down a little, . . . to truly see the things that matter most. And I think, in regards to parenthood, I thought that was really good. When you see something, don’t act quickly. Just take a minute and then respond.”

—Lindsay Garns James (’03), Spanish Fork, Utah

“Middle moments are just as important as end moments.”

—Leslie L. Oswald (BA ’83), Lehi, Utah

“[Barbara Morgan Gardner] said, ‘We are all beggars. . . . And I need to do it better’—be a better beggar, being more humble and coming unto Christ.”

—Katie L.Hammond (’02), Ladera Ranch, California

“When you count your blessings, the Lord will help you.”

—Voni Kinderknecht, Delta, Colorado