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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Brothers Andrew (left) and Jonathan Greene have combined their skills to create a flourishing business.

Brothers Andrew (left) and Jonathan Greene have combined their skills to create a flourishing business.

Like all siblings, brothers Andrew A. (BA ’01) and Jonathan A. (BA ’03) Greene have their differences. But rather than drive them apart, these differences have made them ideal partners in a company built on Andrew’s computer prowess and Jonathan’s floral expertise.

The Greene brothers are owners and cofounders of the Grower’s Box, a Web-based company that delivers fresh-cut, wholesale flowers straight from the flower farm to the customer’s door. Referred to as the “Costco of online flowers,” this business eliminates the middleman to sell quality flowers in bulk at a low price.

“The Grower’s Box is for anyone who wants to buy flowers in bulk and save a little money,” says Andrew, who lives in San Francisco. “We get testimonials all the time about how much money our customers save.”

It all started when Jonathan, who resides in Salt Lake City, left the floral company he had worked for during college. While that company was aimed at the largest floral purveyors, Jonathan wanted to connect flower growers around the world with individual buyers. He and Andrew soon worked up a contact list of growers and launched their fledgling business.

Now a 4-year-old company with annual double-digit percentage growth, the Grower’s Box is clearly doing something right. Andrew concludes that success depends on surrounding yourself with smart people. Not knowing much about flowers, Andrew leaves the floral aspects up to his brother, who he says knows everything there is to know about flowers and flower delivery.

“We still marvel at what we are capable of,” he says. “You can have a flower cut in Ecuador, and we can have it at your door 72 hours later. And that flower—because of all the steps in the supply chain that we’ve cut out—can last for three, even four, weeks.”

While the business is primarily composed of the two brothers, both of their parents play small ownership roles, as well. “We’re a family LLC,” Andrew says. “One of the most fun things is that this gives the four of us a reason to be together often.”

Jonathan agrees. “We have always been a close family, but I think we are closer now than we have ever been. We talk every day, and we draw from each others’ strengths. It’s really proved to be a great experience.”