A female BYU grad smiles while wearing a graduation stole made from toilet paper with the word
Photo by Rebekah Baker

In March, when CDC guidelines advised against large gatherings, it quickly became apparent that BYU’s April commencement, with its 19,000-plus attendees, wasn’t going to happen.

Instead, graduates found other ways to celebrate, with at-home parties, Instagram remembrances, and lots of humor—like Taylor Zerilli Hansen’s (BA ’20) toilet-paper stole, made more precious due to COVID-19 hoarding.

President Kevin J Worthen (BA ’79, JD ’82) left some hopeful thoughts with 2020 graduates online. “In these challenging times, it is clear that, more than ever, the world truly needs you,” he said. “We need not only the knowledge you gained at BYU but also your strength, your compassion, your optimism, and your ideas. We need your faith, your belief in a Heavenly Father who loves His children, and, above all, we need your commitment and your unrelenting devotion to walk through life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.”

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