Biology and Agriculture

Laura Bridgewater and Cynthia Niederhauser

BYU molecular biologist Laura Bridgewater (left) and a team of students, including Cynthia Donnell Niederhauser (’06), are exploring the genetic underpinnings of osteoarthritis. Photo by Jaren Wilkey.

In the journal Matrix Biology, assistant professor of microbiology and molecular biology Laura C. Bridgewater (BS ’89) and her research team reported the existence of genetic enhancers that boost the production of a type of collagen, a key component of cartilage. The new findings could have implications for future treatments aimed at repairing cartilage or preventing its breakdown in osteoarthritis.


Engineering and Technology

A new study suggests that a phenomenon in the blood of some open-heat surgery patients could explain their higher risk for postoperative mental illness. Kenneth A. Solen, Professor of chemical engineering, and Ramona Ovard Hopkins (AS ’75), assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience, were two of the coauthors of the study, which was published in a recent issue of the journal Perfusion.


Published in the Journal of Applied Physics, the work of Brian D. Jensen (BA ’96), an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, to improve tiny electrical switches (called  micro-electro mechanical systems, or MEMS) may one day extend the battery life in devices like cell phones and laptop computers.



Mary Anne Prater (BM ’75), professor in and chair of the Counseling Psychology and Special Education Department, was recently published in the winter 2005 issue of Rural Special Education Quarterly, Prater’s article points out the continuing shortage of special-education teachers nationwide especially in rural areas.

Fine Arts and Communications

Mary H. Farahnakian (PhD ’76), an associate professor of theatre and media arts, has been invited to work as a costume design and research assistant in the Western Costume Company in North Hollywood. Western Costume is the largest costume producer for film and television in the world.

Family, Home, and Social Sciences

Jill C. Manning (’06), who recently completed her second year as a PhD student in marriage and family therapy, has been selected as the Social Sciences Fellow in Domestic Policy for the Washington, D.C.-based Heritage Foundation, which provides research on various policy issues to lawmakers, journalists, and others. During her fellowship, Manning will conduct research and write on the impact of pornography on families.

Health and Human Performance

Faculty and students from the Department of Health Science traveled to Armenia during the summer term to campaign against tobacco use. In street meetings, appearances on news programs, and television ads, the group provided information for the local population—particularly the youth—about the dangers of tobacco use. This is the department’s fifth year traveling with its anti-tobacco message to Eastern Europe, an area with the world’s highest death rates from cigarette use.


Ray T. Clifford (BA ’68), director of the Center for Language Studies, was awarded the 2005 Nelson H. Brooks Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Profession by the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

Law School

Two law professors have recently authored legal textbooks: J. Clifton Fleming (BS ’64) published Federal Income Tax Doctrine, Structure, and Policyand James R. Rasband (BA ’86) published Natural Resources Law and Policy.

Marriott School

The Marriott School was named one of the best regional collegiate entrepreneurship programs in the United States in the April 2005 issue ofEntrepreneur magazine. For the ranking, the top 50 U.S. regional programs are grouped in four tiers, with BYU landing in the first tier. In August the school was named the 35th best business program in U.S. News and World Report’s annual survey.


Associate professor of nursing Patricia Rushton (MS ’77), professor of nursing Lynn Clark Callister (BS ’64), and Maile Kohler Wilson (BS ’02) recently published Latter-day Saint Nurses at War: A Story of Caring and Sacrifice. This collection of first- and second-hand accounts celebrates the sacrifices and contributions of nurses during wartime.


Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Scott D. Grimshaw, professor of statistics, received the H. O. Hartley Award at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Minneapolis on Aug. 8. The award, given by the Texas A&M University Department of Statistics, honors distinguished service to the profession.

Religious Education

A new documentary film chronicling the journey of Lehi’s family across the Arabian desert has been released by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies and Timpanogos Entertainment. Journey of Faith was filmed on location and features several BYU scholars. Professor of ancient scripture S. Kent Brown served as executive producer and academic director for the film.



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