BYU Magazine's Compilation of BYU Alumni Mother Stories
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Celebrating Motherhood

We made a goal to tell more stories of BYU Alumni moms. Here are just a few of our favorites.

A common refrain we’ve heard in letters from readers: BYU alumna moms don’t see themselves in the magazine. Over the last year, we’ve endeavored to tell more of their stories—30 in the last year alone. We’ve also created a new section, “Letters from Home,” to incorporate their voices in the magazine. Below, see some of our favorite pieces from the last 12 months that are about or are written by alumnae moms.

In the Middle of the Night

A photo of the author cuddling her toddler son.

Rebecca turned her son’s midnight potty run into a cherished memory.

Grandma’s Tree

A tree branch grafted with gauze.
© Brad Slade

Grandma Betty grafted good in her orchard, and her family.

A Little Drama

Erin Nenil Bylund helps kids stage a play. One child is dressed in a chicken costume and wielding a sword, another is in princess garb.

Erin’s free drama camp for kids allows her to show her love for all the neighborhood kids.

Writing Her Own Heroes

Jean Knight Pace crouches on a river bank next to her four children.

In Jean’s first published novel, she wrote her children as the lead roles.

Heart to Heart

Deborah Worsham Valenzuela meets with a refugee family from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They all sit together on a sectional couch in the refugees' home.

When a refugee mother in her ward needed help with childcare, Debbie took action.

Backyard Archaeology

A toy giraffe in grass
Photo by Bradley H. Slade

Heather finds that even simple backyard toys hold countless family memories.

Heart and Mind

A black-and-white photo of the author's daughter, who is closing her eyes
Kylie Turley’s daughter. Photo by Bradley Slade.

Through the Spirit, Kylie has taught her children of their divine worth.