Brightening the Future

Your generosity to BYU yields gifts that change lives. 

Every year, the generosity of alumni and friends facilitates and enhances the education of thousands of BYU students.

“We are grateful for your help,” says BYU president Cecil O. Samuelson. “Students benefit from your generosity, and the entire BYU community is blessed for what you share with us. We appreciate all that you do in terms of funding scholarships and other student-focused efforts. Thank you for your continued support.”

In 2010, contributions from a variety of donors supported myriad students. These words showcase the givers, the receivers, and the impact of donations to BYU.

Where Does the Money Go?

Donors to BYU Annual Giving in 2010 directed their donations to three general areas.

40% Colleges: Colleges use donations to assist students through curricular activities, grants-in-aid, internships, mentored-learning opportunities, and scholarships.

36% President’s Priorities: President’s Priorities fund scholarships and mentored learning and help support key university projects, such as the construction in 2006–07 of the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center.

24% Scholarships: Scholarships remain BYU’s top fund-raising priority. Donations to the general scholarship fund in 2010 significantly increased from 2009.

Who Gives?

16% of all graduates (more than 42,000)

19% of all students (more than 6,200)

75% of all employees (more than 3,000)

67,894 individuals donated to BYU in 2010, ­including students, alumni, employees, and friends.

66% (172,335 people) of all graduates have given at least once in their lifetime.

A Place to Grow

As Tatevik Tadevosyan (’12) stepped on the BYU campus to do graduate work in civil engineering, she realized a long-held dream. When she was 13, she and her family were baptized members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in their native Armenia. Soon she found herself longing for the opportunity to attend BYU.

“I love Armenia,” she says. “It is a Christian country surrounded by Muslim countries.” Tadevosyan wanted a place to learn in a spiritual atmosphere. She also wanted to be surrounded by others who place the same value on education that she does.

“For international students it is a really long process to go to school, and I was pleased when the opportunity finally came to be here,” says Tadevosyan, who says she is one of only a few Armenians studying 
at BYU.

“I worked hard to be admitted and have been diligent in my studies. As an engineer, I hope to be involved as a consultant in water resources,” she says. She is also grateful for two donor-funded scholarships that have helped her.

“BYU has been a wonderful place for me to grow,” she says. “The kindnesses that have been extended to me by my professors have been amazing, and I have had wonderful roommates. . . . BYU has provided an environment where I have been challenged academically, pushed physically, and stretched spiritually. I am so thankful.”

Why Do We Give?

“We contribute to scholarships so that others will have sufficient funds to complete a college education. To us, the individuals who receive a chance to improve their education provide the most persuasive reason to give to BYU. Each person benefited is on track to a bright future.”

—Jeffery D. Young (’84) and Crystal Jones Young (BS ’88), Gretna, Neb.

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