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True Blue

Blue Bloods: “Best in Show” at Fashion Week

Four fashion critics admire the new royal blue BYU Football uniform on a large player who stands on a runway, looming over them and looking off to the left. The man standing to the left of the runway says, “BYU puts the fashion world on its heels by debuting the alluring all-blue helmets!” while the woman next to him turns towards him to comment that “Royal and navy blue truly are the hot colors of fall 2021!” The other woman, standing on the right side of the runway and wearing a large hat, reaches out to touch the uniform while saying, “It screams ‘I’m here! I’m now! I’m ready to run the ball down your throat!’” Standing by her side, the final critic exclaims, “The slimming lines on the pant leg! And yes! The shoulder pads! A classic look paying homage to the tenacity of the 1980s!”
Comic by Aaron M. Taylor (BA ’97)