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Painting of the Y

Commissioned by the class of 1949, this painting by Frank Magleby is only available to those who donate $400 or more to help endow the new Young Faculty Award.

When members of the class of 1949 meet for their 55th reunion this fall, they want to do more than renew acquaintances—much more. They hope to announce the endowment of a Young Faculty Award for promising new scholars.

“As our reunion committee looked for things we could do that would benefit the university, we concluded we wanted to encourage outstanding teaching and research,” explains Raymond E. Beckham, ’49, gift chair for the class of 1949. “Often recognition is given to faculty members near the end of or after a career of achievements, so we decided to recommend an award that goes for potential. Those eligible must have been on the faculty at least three years but not long enough to have continuing faculty status.”

Beckham says the class has raised 80 percent of the money it needs to for the award, which will offer cash and research stipends. Once the class reaches its goal of $100,000, the university will match it by 60 percent.

To help fund the endowment, the class commissioned a painting that reflects the campus during the late 1940s and early 1950s. Retired faculty artist Frank R. Magleby, ’50, created the work, which features the campus quad flanked by the original Joseph Smith Building, the Heber J. Grant Library, and the George H. Brimhall Building as seen from the Karl G. Maeser Building. Y Mountain, Rock Canyon, and Squaw Peak are also visible.

Framed limited-edition canvas prints (26 by 32 inches) are available only through the class of 1949. With a donation of $400, supporters can purchase the print for $100 (plus $15 shipping and handling).

“This print would make a wonderful gift for parents or grandparents who attended BYU during the ’40s and ’50s,” says Beckham. “This was the center of campus life during those years, and the print offers wonderful memories.”

Info: To order a framed print, contact the Alumni Association at 801-422-4663 or 1-800-437-4663. Information is also available online at