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Alumni Association Gives 11 Colleges Signature Mentorships

For more than a decade the Alumni Association has helped students complete their undergraduate educations with replenishment grants available through the association and its chapters.

The association has expanded its educational commitment by pledging to set aside $55,000 per year for the next four years through the Annual Fund Signature Mentorship Program. This means each of BYU’s 11 colleges will receive a BYU Alumni Association Signature Mentorship from 2004 to 2007. Additionally, the association is creating an endowment to support mentored-student learning.

“When we had our Worldwide Alumni Gathering in the fall of 2003, we stressed that the single most important campus project was to provide a mentoring experience for each student,” says J. Michael Busenbark, ’72, executive director of the Alumni Association. “It only makes sense that with any extra monies, we would support that priority. The mentorships are one way of doing so.”

Busenbark expects that the funds will benefit from three to five students per college who participate in projects approved by the Office of Research and Creative Activities.

The mentorships are made possible through funds from several revenue programs and the Annual Fund, which is supported by many alumni.