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A Passion for Placing People

By Bill Brady, ‘02

THE manager of alumni placement has a passion for people, especially for BYU alumni and students. It is the job of Scott R. Greenhalgh, ’86, to help alumni connect with job opportunities, as he works to “sell” BYU students and alumni to companies.

As part of his passion, Greenhalgh helped develop an alumni database that enables him and his team to match jobs posted by companies with alumni who have registered with the system. Alumni placement is making efforts to expand both sides of the database. “The more we build the database, the more we can promote it to companies,” Greenhalgh says.

The database generates about 5,000 job leads each month, but Greenhalgh is quick to stress that much more is possible. The number of leads will increase exponentially as more alumni register with the system, he says.

The Office of Alumni Placement also fosters networking experiences. By providing lists of BYU graduates working in various career fields, the office helps alumni make valuable career connections.

“For the large part people are very willing to network,” says Greenhalgh, “but alumni need to be willing to get us job information.” He adds that the value of having a network of contacts is immeasurable given present trends in employment. “No one knows when they are going to be out on the street looking.”

For Greenhalgh the major benefit of working in alumni placement is the opportunity to watch people find success. “The greatest part of this job is when someone makes a contact with me and I’m able to line them up with an opportunity,” Greenhalgh says. “When I hear back and know that what we do is working, that is very rewarding.”

WEB: To search for jobs or to register in the alumni placement database, go to alumnicareers.byu.edu.