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2016–17 Faculty Retirees

A photo of snow covered trees and the Karl G. Maeser statue covered in snow outside the Maeser building on BYU campus.
Photo by Bradley Slade

The following faculty members have retired from the university as of September 2017:

Adair, Marta J. (BS ’81, MS ’90), biology education

Albrecht, W. Steve (BS ’71), accountancy

Averett, Steven E. (BS ’78, MLS ’85, JD ’88), law library administration

Balling, Richard J., civil and environmental engineering

Bernards, Dennis L. (BS ’72, BS ’73, MLIS ’90), library administration

Broadway, Marsha D. (MLS ’81), library administration

Burton, Gregory F. (MS ’85), chemistry and biochemistry

Channell, Ron W. (BS ’77, MS ’79), communication disorders

Cole, Gene C., health science

Comer, David J., electrical and computer engineering

Crisler, Jesse S., English

Culatta, Barbara, communication disorders

D’Arc, James V. (BA ’78, PhD ’86), library administration

Ekstrom, Joseph J. (BS ’74, MS ’76, PhD ’92), information technology

Forsyth, Donald W. (BS ’71, MA ’72), anthropology

Gardner, Marvin K. (BA ’76, MA ’77), linguistics and English language

Gleave, Robert L. (BS ’75, MEd ’76, PhD ’81), counseling psychology and Counseling and Psychological Services

Haslam, Gerald M. (PhD ’81), history

Heaton, Tim B. (BS ’74, MS ’75), sociology

Heise, Barbara A., nursing

Hill, Ned C., finance

Jackson, Kent P. (BA ’74), ancient scripture

Judd, Allan M. (BS ’73, MS ’78), physiology and developmental biology

Largey, Dennis L. (MA ’76, EdD ’81), ancient scripture

Mayes, Clifford T., education

Packard, Dennis J. (PhD ’02), philosophy

Parkinson, Dilworth B. (BA ’75), Asian and Near Eastern languages

Robinson, Clyde C. (BS ’72, MS ’77), family life

Romney, Marshall B. (BS ’71, MAcc ’72), information systems

Roper, Susanne Olsen (BS ’75, MS ’81), family life

Sederberg, Thomas W. (BS ’75, MS ’77), computer science

Smith, Melvin R. (BA ’75), digital humanities and technology

Swenson, Sharon L., theatre and media arts

Thorne, Melvin J. (BA ’76), linguistics and English language

Vincent, Lawrence P. (BA ’73), music

Whitlark, David B., marketing

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