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2015–16 Faculty Retirees

A photo of Squaw Peak
Photo by Bradley Slade

The following faculty members have retired from the university as of September 2016:

Anderson, Richard P., music

Bowman, W. Jerry (BS ’78), mechanical engineering

Bush, Michael D. (BA ’72), French

Butler, Richard J., economics

Call, Vaughn R. (BS ’70, MS ’74), sociology

Cameron, Scott W. (JD ’76), law

Carpenter, Bruce N. (BS ’74), psychology

Carter, K. Codell, philosophy

Christensen, Clark G. (BS ’66), physics and astronomy

Crookston, R. Kent (BS ’68), plant and wildlife sciences

Dabczynski, Andrew H., music

Farahnakian, Mary Hatami (PhD ’77), theatre and media arts

Farmer, Larry C. (PhD ’75), law

Gardner, Robert L. (BA ’69), accountancy

Gibbons, Andrew S. (BA ’69, PhD ’74), instructional psychology and technology

Grandy, David A. (BS ’73, MPA ’75), philosophy

Harper, James M. (BS ’74, MS ’76), family life

Harrell, Charles R. (BS ’76), manufacturing engineering

Hecker, William C. (BS ’74, MS ’75), chemical engineering

Heiner, Barta L. (BA ’71), theatre and media arts

Huntington, Ray L. (BS ’73, MREd ’78, PhD ’96), ancient scripture

Jacobson, Cardell K. (BS ’66), sociology

Johnson, Stanley A. (BS ’75, MS ’80, EdD ’87), ancient scripture

Kohl, James E., nursing

Lambert, Michael J., psychology

Lockhart, Barbara D. (EdD ’71), exercise sciences

Lund, Christopher C. (BA ’67), Spanish and Portuguese

Lund, William B. (BS ’78, PhD ’14), library administration

McDonald, James B., economics

McKinlay, Douglas R. (BA ’68, MA ’69), communications

Monroe, Eula, teacher education

Noble, Cinzia Donatelli (BA ’78), French and Italian

Pixton, Paul B., history

Preston, Cheryl B. (BA ’75, JD ’79), law

Prohosky, Caroline Sargent (BS ’71), dance

Red, Walter E., mechanical engineering

Schaalje, G. Bruce (BS ’77, MS ’79), statistics

Selfridge, Richard H. (’75), electrical and computer engineering

Shumway, Jeffrey L. (BM ’76), music

Siegmund, Marianne, library administration

Simmons, Daniel L. (BS ’78, MS ’80), chemistry and biochemistry

Solomon, Carol Hawkins (BA ’68), teacher education

Sondrup, Steven P., comparative arts and letters

Sorensen, Peter J. (BM ’75, BA ’77, MA ’79), English

St. Clair, Larry L. (BS ’74, MS ’75), biology

Stewart, Dave N. (BS ’77, MAcc ’77), accountancy

Strong-Krause, Diane (BA ’75, MA ’76, PhD ’01), linguistics and English language

Terry, Richard E. (BS ’72), plant and wildlife sciences

Thursby, Jacqueline S., English

Tunnell, Michael O. (EdD ’86), teacher education

Wadley, Robert K. (MEd ’80, EdS ’82), mathematics education

Wakefield, B. Lee (BS ’77, MA ’82), dance

Williams, David D. (BA ’76), instructional psychology

Young, Janet Rawlinson (BA ’74,MA ’89, BS ’92), teacher education

Young, K. Richard, counseling and special education

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