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2011-12 Faculty Retirees

The following 55 BYU faculty members retired after giving nearly 1,500 collective years of service to the university.

Abegglen, JoAnn C. (BS ’67, MS ’88), nursing

Adams, Brent L., mechanical engineering

Allen, Sandra Birch, dance

Allsen, Philip E., exercise sciences

Atwood, N. Duane (MS ’69, PhD ’72), Bean Life Science Museum

Benzley, Steven E. (BES ’66, MS ’67), civil and environmental engineering

Birrell, James R. (BS ’81), teacher education

Bott, Randy L. (EdD ’88), Church history and doctrine

Boynton, Rodney B. (BS ’72), French and Italian

Braithwaite, Lee F. (BS ’59, MS ’62, PhD ’70), biology

Cannon, James W., mathematics

Cantrell, Pamela Patch (BA ’65), teacher education

Chilcoat, George W., teacher education

Cole, Beth Vaughan (PhD ’78), nursing

Cornwall, Marie (MS ’76), sociology

Coverston, Catherine Robinson (AS ’69), nursing

Daynes, Kathryn Mickelsen, history

Fielding, Eric A. (BA ’74), theatre and media arts

Flake, Lawrence R. (BS ’65, MA ’69, DRE ’70), Church history and doctrine

Gray, Sharon Reed (BA ’68, EdD ’92), visual arts

Griggs, C. Wilfred (BA ’66, MA ’68), ancient scripture

Griggs, Karen Smith (BA ’66, MLS ’86), university libraries

Hansen, H. Reese, law

Hansen, James V. (BS ’63, MBA ’66), information systems

Johnsen, Vickie Van (BS ’85, MS ’87), nursing

Johnson, F. Brent (BS ’66, MS ’67, PhD ’70), microbiology and molecular biology

Jolley, Von D. (BS ’70), plant and wildlife sciences

Keller, Roger R., Church history and doctrine

Larson, Jerry W. (MA ’74), humanities

Meredith, R. Alan (BA ’69, MA ’74), Spanish and Portuguese

Nemrow, Norman R. (BS ’78, MAcc ’79), accountancy

Newitt, Jay S. (BS ’69, MIE ’72), technology

Paulsen, Deirdre Murray (BA ’68, MA ’75), English

Rhees, R. Ward, physiology and developmental biology

Robinson, Stephen E. (BA ’71), ancient scripture

Sawaya, William J., Jr., business management

Shakespeare, William O. (MA ’82, PhD ’96), English

Smith, Scott M. (BS ’71), business management

Solen, Kenneth A., chemical engineering

Sowell, Debra Hickenlooper (BA ’75), humanities, classics, and comparative literature

Spaid, Wanda M., social work

Stohlton, John B. (BS ’60), ancient scripture

Stone, Bernell K., finance

Strong, A. Brent, technology

Swenson, Janet L. (BA ’69, MA ’74), theatre and media arts

Tate, George S. (BA ’69, MA ’70), humanities, classics, and comparative literature

Taylor, David A. (BA ’72, BA ’76, MA ’82), fine arts, family life

Telford, John W., visual arts

Thygerson, Alton L. (BS ’62, MHEd ’65, EdD ’69), health sciences

Todd, Robert H., mechanical engineering

Tolman, L. Kirk (BS ’60, MS ’61), mathematics

Tourney, Leonard D. (BA ’63), English

Webb, Bruce L. (BS ’72, MS ’78), plant and wildlife science

Wilson, Brent D., finance

Winder, William W. (BS ’66, PhD ’71), physiology and developmental biology

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