Spring 2014 Issue



When I Am Weak

Weaknesses become strengths through the power and grace of the Atonement.


First Person

First Person: Road Trip!

The BYU Ride Board brought together all kinds. Read the tales of those who dared to use it.


Failure and Success

Failures don't define us, says Cecil O. Samuelson, but our successes can help erase past failures.

At the Y

At the Y

A New President for BYU

A favorite son of Carbon County and a longtime leader in the BYU community is the new president.

At the Y

Running to Remember

Brett Anderson found a way to remember every fallen soldier on the wall of BYU's Memorial Hall.

At the Y

From Knights to Cougars

An unlikely high school has made a name for itself in boy’s basketball—and produced a third of the Cougar roster.

Alumni News

Alumni News

Nontraditional Scholars

Thousands of alumni get their degrees on a non-traditional timeline and improve the world around them.

Alumni News

Global Engineering

Naval officer and BYU alumnus Doug Herrin shares why he was named Military Engineer of the Year.

Out of the Blue